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I'm a student and being hunched over had my neck and shoulders were super tight!! I got the 90 min massage/facial and I was in heaven! The therapist was so receptive to my concerns and focused her efforts to getting some very very tight knots out while still providing a full body experience. The facial was the best I've had and all of the products made my skin glow for days!!

— Natalia C.

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This place is awesome.  I was in town for the night and severely needed a massage.  Vidalina is a god!  After I told her what I needed, she recommended a massage that would best suit me, and boy was she right on the money.  I will be back in town at the end of January and definitely plan on going back.

— Kathleen B.

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“I do acupuncture with Sal and after 2 sessions the result is incredible, results without any side effects and a super natural and pleasant method. Highly recommended!”

— Myriam F.

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